Rare Big Ananta Lakshmi Shaligram Ananta Laxmi Kuber Salagram Gandaki River Nepal


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Warning-Many Shaligram sold in the internet cheap are fake hand made Shaligram.We have no place for fake items and also at the same time we cannot sell such authetic items at pennies.Understand this with every purchase you make on internet.

Rarest Big Size of rare Ananta Shaligram-Not man made-100% Real Authentic Natural.

Natural Ardha Chandra Impression seen over surface of this Ananta Shaligram.

Activated and Energized by Siddha Guru who have attained bliss..

 Ananta which means 'endless' or 'limitless', also means 'eternal' or 'infinite', in other words, it also means infinitude or an unending expansion or without limit. It is one of the many names of Lord Vishnu. Ananta is the Shesha-naga, the celestial snake, on which Lord Vishnu reclines.

Ananta Shaligram is one of the very powerful,very attractive,Brilliant and highly auspicious of all the shaligrams available.Ananta Shaligrams emits very high radiance and has high energy levels.This shila has a very sharp and perfect impressions of Ananta lustreness on  its body.The body of the Shaligram has a perfect shape of exotic ananta(Limitless).Ananta shila removes obstacles and kaal sarp dosha.This provides protection against thefts and brings immense wealth.Ananta shaligram is extremely smooth,perfectly shaped,lustrous,cold to touch and retains natural  water inside the shaligram.Ananta shaligram is a very naturally unique in its natural creation and creates a vibrations when hold close to ears.This is one of the rarest shaligram found one in lakhs of shaligram.

Ananta Shila represents the abode of lord vishnu and his consort Lashmi.This Ananta Shaligram is referred as one of the celestial form of the divinity as per scriptures.Its told that once this Ananta shaligram is installed in ones house/home,peace,wealth,happiness naturally flows to the place and its inhabitants.

All grief and every kind of mental sadness stress leaves the place.The Shaligram Shilas bestows the  devotee with immense wealth, wordly comforts, dignity and respect in the  society, removes hurdles, provides extreme protection from any type of occult,  Nazar Dosha, black magic, removes all types of Doshas from the lives of the  devotee, shows the devotee correct path for progress, spiritually uplifts him,  helps in undertaking Sadhnas and attainment of Salvation.


Appr.Size- 65mm x 47mm

Weight-Appr.114 gms

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