21 Mukhi Rudraksha Twenty One Face Rudraksh Hindu Sacred Bead Rare - Certified
Warning-There are many fake rudraksha in market that is manipulated.We are selling it very very cheap while there are sellers selling this rare item at crores or more than $200000 usd.We want Genuine Buyers who really want this rare rare item in their collections.We have priced it very very low and when we will get this item cannot be ever predicted.Buy this now before it exhausts. 

This is the one of the most powerful rudrakshas embodied with varied energies within.It is advisable never to remove the bead once its worn around your neck or carried on your body because of the varied frequencies emantaing from within this sacred bead may get attuned using the second time.
We shall activate and energize the rudraksha bead spiritually only with the help of spiritual siddha master who have attained bliss.He shall ask your name and mothers name before he will pump life in this bead with grace of divine light for you and your family.He has the power to visually see you and your family in this bead and call your name thrice.Perhaps if you are sensitive enough you or your any of your family member may be able to either hear or see a old sage or any other image as one can percept within 30 days of your purchase by grace of god.The bead is activated with Shiva naman siddha mantras and lord kuber mantras.
The Possessor of this most remarkable & powerfulful rudraksha never falls short of his achievements in his life.Wealth,Health,Power,Position is always bestowed on the possessor of this rudraksha.The family of the possessor is enjoys long life,abundance,prosperity and spirituality and always remains in the path of sanathan dharma.
Symbol of Lord Kuber
Faced- 21 mukhi
Size-Appro.34 mm
Origin- Ceylon
Attachment- Certificate of Authencity will be sent along with the Rudraksha bead

Twenty one Mukhi Rudraksha related to each and every Shakti (power), Lord Brahmma, Vishnu and Mahesha along with all other God and Goddess live in this Rudraksha.

The holder of this Rudraksha never falls dumpy on their success and Wealth, health and prosperity always remains within the family. The family will be more famous for success, spirituality and always it will remains in the path of Sanatan Dharma.

Twenty one Mukhi Rudraksh is related to Ek Alakh Niranjan as the Omkar(Om) itself. It is the originator and does protection of universe. Twenty one Mukhi Rudraksh is the past, present and future in itself.

The wearer of this Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Kuber and get by desiring worldly pleasure, business and super-richness.

Twenty one Mukhi Rudraksh is best suit to those who are doing online trading business, owners of multiple companies, political leaders, directors, legal consultant etc and who are always taking risks.

Wearers of this Rudraksha will deeply involve in Bhakti after proper Sidhhi (proper purification & charging with Mantra).

The wearer of Twenty one Mukhi Rudraksh finds all the comforts, freedom and happiness and at the end gets Moksha.

Wear Cord the Twenty one Mukhi Rudraksh in red thread, Worn it on Monday by chanting the mantra


                                    "Om Namah Shivaya"



Benifits derived from use of this sacred Twenty one Mukhi rudraksha from users worldwide-
1.The aspirant never runs out of wealth.
2.All hurdles to financial wealth accumulation gets removed from his/her path.
3.Removes hurdles of all family members who are experiencing retarded career growth and struggling on path of success,ultimately helps acheive fast quicker growth.
4.It maintains and enhances harmonious relationship in one's family environment.
5.All negative vibrations within your home is removed and thereby spreads coordial relationship,happiness and love.
6.It enhances ones respect,name and fame.
7.By wearing this sacred bead all doshas and sins are wiped out and attains divine grace.
For our buyer's convenience we have already made hole in the center of the bead one has to just put a red cord through it to wear it around their neck.


International shipping will take 2-4 weeks of time for delivery to your location



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