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This is a Tremendous unfailing tantric Weapon and a Instant remedy similar to a Sudarshan chakra of Hindu Lord Vishnu in form of Kavacha or Amulet.

This Amulet is so powerful that it is capable to remove all types of evil bad detrimental effects of all types of black magicks in the universe be it Hoodoo,Rootworks,Wicca,Black magic,Dark Curse or any weird type of rituals done on you or your family.

When you start to wear this you may experience a shadow following you,this is nothing but your own astral body particularly from the Auric sheath streched above 20 cm of your body to provide you instant protection and maintain balance in your life be it physical,mental or any spiritual level.The sensitivity depends on the proness of the users to the psychic energy.The more psychic vibrations you pick up the substle the energy works with and around you.One may have visions of one's own Aura.

If you have been troubled by your enemies knowingly or unknowingly then this is the nectar to various problems one encounters in life..

You will harness the 72 mahavidya yogini energies from the universe.They are of course very warm hot vibrations but this is the actual essence of the Amulet magic that the spiritual masters have brought for you because as this amulet taps in the hidden hot vibrations from the universe,all the black energies around you or your home is dissolved & swapped out immediately...yes its that powerful

If you always complained that you are bed ridden or suffering from bad nightmares or think that you are being possessed then this is the immediate answer to end all these dis-ease of your body and mind.

If you have been to doctors around and nothing have helped you to get cured the but this now..this will provide you protection immediately your full life span.

Tantra Purnaayu Raksha kavach is Powerfully charged and activated by 72 yogini mantras.

This is Very Auspicious and sacred Kavach which can provides you a Success in your mission or project. It removes all the clouds of uncertainty and offers you Ultimate success and growth in one's life...

This Tantra Purnaayu Raksha kavach saves you from all your Acute crisis, danger and plenty of unfavourable incidents. It saves you from life threatening condition too.

If someone among your loved ones have been stricken with life threatening conditions like Brain haem-orrage or had gone mentally retarded etc then you may perhaps use this however you should not stop any medications given by your med-ical professionals.

Tantra Purnaaayu Raksha kavach is the best for giving you the ultimate Life protection towards all bad effects of Dark Magics done in this world,It is capable of eliminating evils eye (Buri Najar) too.

Additionally for bringing peace and happiness of their family or individually wearing of Tantra Purna ayu Raksha kavach by Husband and spouse of a household results in a concord, peace and prosperity in that family.

Tantra Purna Aayu raksha kavach is efficient to cure all the damaged relationship between a Husband and wife or between Love mates or between a Boyfriend and Girlfriend. It also attracts the other sex to you whom you love.




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