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Dimension available- US  RING SIZE 9

 Available Metal : Pure Bronze

Weight : Approx. 20Gms



The name David in Ancient Hebrew is made up of three  letters  "Dalet","Vav",and "Dalet".The letter Dalet in ancient hebrew is actually a triangle.King David used the six pointed star as  his signature(the two traingle of his names).The middle letter "Vav" means Six-The Six Pointed Star.The Six Points symbolises that God rules over the universe and protects us from all six directions North,South,East,West,Up and Down.King David used this Symbole as a Powerful Omen from God.


In the Kabbalah, the two triangles represent the dichotomies inherent in man: good vs. evil, spiritual vs. physical, etc. The triangle pointing up symbolizes our good deeds, which go up to heaven and activate a flow of goodness back down to the world, symbolized by the triangle pointing down. The Star of David is sometimes known as the Creator's Star, in which each of the six points represents a day of the week and the center corresponds to the Sabbath. 

Kabbalah Star Of David


We have a Prana field that surrounds our body as a result of the meridians and the Prana flow. Then there is the field of the aura. The auric field is an egg shaped energy field that surrounds our body and changes its color according to our thoughts, feelings and emotions. After the auric field we have hundreds of electromagnetic fields. These fields have precise geometrical shapes. Each one is made up of three identical fields with the same size and shape. The Prana fields is the star tetrahedron, a three dimensional Star of David. A person is able to rotate two of the three star tetrahedron fields in opposite directions by using the ancient Prana breathing technique, thus creating a huge 17 meter energy field - our light body -merkaba

This Ring is activated by Extreme Forces by Competent Shaman

This is a Real Authentic Original Charm from the Ancient book  of Power symbols.

We have been bringing Real Original Authentic Charms and pendants from old Ancient treasure like books of shawdows,King Solomon,Egypt era.

Many had tested this with psychic energy reading with over +8 with sensitive Aura readers,EMF Readers,Kirlian Cameras etc.All the results are astounding.After the use of these Pendants you will find enhancement in all of your areas.

The Buyers have been getting astounding results with the use of these real charms and pendant.We are proud power seller in metaphysical items collecting them from various haunted and paranormal sources.
Buy this now before it gets to others

The Auric Field of this Ring is 100 times potent and powerfully activated by Shaman.

You have to only wear this Star of David Hexagram Ring to protect you from all negative energies and pattern around you.

This enhances Good Luck,Wealth,Protection,Success,Money and Prosperity.


This Hexagram Ring has Extreme  Power to attract good things to your life within a Week's time to use.Yes its very Powerful Ring to Bless and Protect you from all challanges of life.

If you are facing troubles and has been unfortunate to attract good things,events,peoples,oppurtunities in your life then as soon as you use this you will experience the things that you have not felt before,sure and effective...Use this now...you will not get an Original Authentic Charm Ring anywhere else on net ...Yes we have been selling these and have satisfied buyers worldwide...

We have listed this only after we tested this and only were confident about the power its possessed after its activation.

This Ring was also used by King Solomon.Everyone knows the magical powers he used and comanded with.He had immense knowledge about ancient Power symbols that included seals and sigils.Each symbols were activated by him and linked to the extreme powers of the paranomal.

We are lucky to activate this ring with Special Tantra Humming Strings that are known only to the master Shamans.They have vast knowledge of Ancient sigils and symbols.Every points in this ring(Inverted and upward trianglesare embeded and activated with Tantric vowels.

Please be aware that this is not a commercial available ring on the internet.This is created and life pumped with extreme raw energy by the Master Conjurer.So this contains links with the supernatural.

International shipping will take 2-4 weeks for delivery through India post Registered Air mail.





Law requires us to state that this is listed only as entertainment purpose and must be18 years older to purchase this kind of items.You are responsible for your buy.

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