Extreme RAW Power Packed Orgone accumulation that works miraculously and vibrates your immediate Auric frequency within the next Couple of hours not days.

You will immediate feel the Energy shift to Peace,Mental Clarity,Happiness and Love Feelings that is the result of Positive energy transformation....Yes its that Powerful...... Just give it a try and the Astonishing results will blow you off...


Equivalent to Fifty Commercial Pyramids available in the market


This Extreme Powerful Super Orgone Vortex Pyramid plate was researched and designed by the orgone masters after 15 long years of trial and error methods to assess the strength and multiplying the orgone power by designing the pyramids with their perfect Orientation, greater precision in their angle inclination,shape,size and the distance they are superimposed from each other.

This Extreme Powerful Super Orgone Vortex Pyramid Plate contains One Center Pyramid Surrounded by 81 pyramids around it in four circular Chakras or Chakravyuha/Padmavyuha ,As formulated in the MAHABHARATA-The Great Sanskrit Epic Of India.  This was Special Spiral Formulation with different tiers that was impossible to penetrate and break the tiers in the war thus formulated.

This Special Extreme Super Vortex Healer Pyramid consists of  First Tier of  32 Small Platonic Pyramids that is connected with Circular Helix Golden rings that connects every corners of the pyramids with the other pyramids.This special configuration makes it that power packed that can work miracles in just few hours of its placement in your premises.

The Second tier of the pyramids Contains 25 smaller similar pyramids as that in the first tier and superimposed over the circular helix golden rings.

The Third Tier contains 16 smaller pyramids while the fourth and the last one contains 8 smaller pyramids.The Orgone masters had devised many principles of why specific numbers of the smaller pyramids where chosen.They have strong references with the Ancient epics and the vasthu traditions where they researched that actually the free energy could be made available to the immediate environment as used by the Pharaohs of Egypt and Ancient kings of India.

Size-Approx.2.5"Inches L X Approx. 2.5"Inches B X  Approx.0.5"Inches H


Product HighLights

  • This Extreme Powerful Super Orgone Vortex Pyramid Plate  is vigorously tested in laboratories and Proven at On-site applications,multi applications and do-it yourself installation.
  • This is a Innovative product with easy installation and fast results.
  • Verticle,Horizontal and circular energy multiplication for maximum performance.
  • Long lasting,maintenance-free @ cost effective products.
  • Highly useful for structural and personal transformation.
  • Instant remedial vasthu,energy correction.


Special Features-


  • Super charger for 60 billion Human body cells-It Energizes up to the DNA level.
  • It removes immediately the negative radiations of Mobils,T.V,Computer and other gadgets.
  • This is a unique Vasthu correction tool for home,office,factory.
  • It boosts.merits and busts the evil so effortlessly.
  • It is Sure shot and quick –Fix Vasthu solution.

Proven Benefits of  Extreme Powerful Super Orgone Vortex Healer Pyramid


 1.     Effective Transmission of your prayer to the universe that seen manifested into reality very fast.

2.     Effective meditation/devotion to any god-With this installed in your environment you will see that                    you are focused more without least distraction from your mental sight.

3.     Cleaning of Aura or anything-You will find yourself more positive in attitude and character with time.

4.     Balancing of all the seven chakras of human Aura.

5.     Awakening of Kundalini from 1st to 7th chakra.

6.     Healing Self(Spirit,mind,body)

7.     Healing others(Spirit,mind,body)

8.     Distance Healing(Teletheraphy)(Spirit,mind,body)

9.     Relief  and release of Pain,Stress,Tension and Fatigue of your body.

10.   Rest,Relaxation, and rejuvenation of your body.

11.   Increasing brain power/Sharpening your memory.

12.   Interpersonal harmony among related persons.

13.   Energizing of animals and plants

14.   Purifying foods,beverages and medicines.

15.   Purifying Places and objects

16.  Wish intensification and fulfillment.

17.  Connecting to higher Planes in the cosmos

18.  Energizing of and networking woth other pyramids you have installed earlier.


Principal Characteristics & Applications of Super Orgone Vortex Healer Pyramid plate


  • Cosmic energy transformer
  • Supernatural healer
  • Virtual Cave for meditation
  • Kundalini and chakra activator
  • Incinerator of demerits/Negatives
  • Incubator of Merits/Positivities
  • Greenhouse for Humans,Animals & Plants
  • Communicator to higher planes/Planets
  • Ideal Structure to make Holy shrine


For Energy Transfer this Pyramid Plate contains Circular Copper Plate Beneath.The Extreme Powerful Super Orgone Vortex healer Pyramid plate is made of Polyethylene Plastic.The Orgone masters had used this material that is seen to neutralize the negative energy and convert them to the positive ones immediately.These are tested with lechar antennas,Dowsing, radioasthesia methods and other sophisticated Auric Instruments This has Plastic Air tight Cover seal over it to protect it from wearing out and weighs around 20 gms.

This will be shipped through India post registered air mail.The normal Delivery timeline is about 20-30 days if not delayed by customs of your country.The customs sometime withheld item for 45 days or more.We will ship within 24 hours of cleared payment.If you want the items early then we can send them through private couirer or express service if you agree to pay extra charges.

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