Original Egyptian Testament King Solomon Seal  Amulet Ring 800 AD






Bring Miracles in your life with this Solomon Magical seal ring.



Please see the AURA in the photographs taken with the special cameras.


Wearing this will astonish you how miracles comes in your life even you never ever desired.


Beware- This is like handling 440VAC.Carries the Unseen Secret Forces with it.


You will  hear their voices from their world calling out you or your loved ones.


Often they will assist and help you to flourish and bring you health wealth and properity in your life…


Many had the feelings that the Unseen other world help navigate the future in sleep..You will be astonished with the power of this ring that brings you miracles in your life automatically.


This listing is for a Orginal testament King Solomon Seal Ring from the Ancient Power charms back in AD 800.


Our buyers are very lucky we brought this from the ancient world of Egypt for the benefit of humans.


Egyptians believed in the power of mystic rings to heal and bring good fortune, and Europeans as early as A.D. 800 made use of them in bestowing social privileges.


The idea that something as insignificant as a ring can be a powerful charm has been used since the times of ancient Sorceror, Solomon


The construction and use of a Mystic ring is no more difficult than the making of a specific talisman or amulet, providing that you start with a blank, unadorned band, on which you can have a design engraved. Once the ring is constructed, consecrated and dedicated it will hold its charged intention long after its initial dedication.


The form of this testament ring consists of materials and inscriptions suitable for use as a link to the power which the ring confers, incorporating within the design specific celestial or mistikal correspondences.It then remains for the ability of Sorceror  to invoke the desired forces.


The Seal of Solomon, is known in some texts as the Ring of Aandaleeb. Its power is therefore highly sought or reproduced and many Sorceror of the past have tried to attain its power in one form or another.


This ring carries the Special seal of the King Solomon that invokes the power of the Unseen world of the dead connected with.


It is said that the demons,Spirits and serpents will be the servant who will ever protect the wearer from all the wordly dangers and also from the unseen.


This special seal ring will bring you success in all your endeavours,bless with long life,wealth,health,happiness and all that one can desire. King Solomon himself used this seal to use and control the demons and serpets to his service.


Please be aware that this Ring is specialy created with the ancient seal scribed on its surface and is made up metals that is a secret in his ancient manuscript that probably brings in the Mystical charge with this special seal.


This seal is the symbol of the unified and infinity.The main metal is bronze and golden touch.


The size is 18mm in diameter. We will not resize this as any changes in its dimensions or consecration will make it ineffective in its mistik properties as devised in the ancient manuscripts power charms of Egypt.You can always carry it without resizing its and it will deliver you the same miracles in your life.


This will help you grow faster with ease with abundance wealth properity and long life.

The seal resembles one of the special Wall of a tomb of the king Solomon  on which mistick inscriptions are channeled through consecration and power words by the shaman who created it.


Please be aware that this is a metaphisical item and we are not responsible for its activity good or bad. This will look new and polished as this is hand made but mind it this is activated and consecrated by the shaman.You will only need to carry this or wear this on your body to achieve its mystic properties in your life.This will bring you harmony and miracles in your life.




International shipping will take about 2-4 weeks for delivery to your location.You must be 18 years older to purchase this item 


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