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This Metaphysical Ring has the power to bestow the possessor of this ring with fabulous wealth and life style that one could only desire in heart.This is known to bring in wealth within overnight....


This ring has a Yogini linked with it. The yogini  will bless anybody with wealth and money who will possess this ring.This is very easy to own this ring and become its possessor .

You only need to keep the yogini happy and satisfied. And she will bring you any wealth or prosperity that you may have in your heart from anybody….yes its that’s true what I said…anybody…your friend or foes…anybody….

This yogini is named by the name of  swarnakantuka….

This yogini has access to 42 different Ancient guarded underground wealth of the djinns and serpents…yes these 42 underground unseen wealth will serve more than your two upcoming generations….

The yogini is beautiful and pretty and possess beautiful enchanting physical body…..The age of this yogini is more than 500 years but she is immortal…she never ages or die…she is blessed by the mahanta of the great ancient tantra yogis….I tell you what this ring will do for you….If you always desired riches..wealth…luxuries…then this yogini will bring that for you…how…this is all revealed in the instructional email that we will send you after you receive this at your home after we shipped this…That is only for the misuse of this precious item in wrong hands…..

Please be aware that this is a Metaphysical paranormal item and is rated +9..

if you don’t want any wealth…luxury…comfort….then please don’t purchase this now…if you are afraid…then forget this now…

This ring is only for those who will pay respect and regard to this special yogini…. This yogini  will bring you stashful of wealth within no time if she is really happy with how you respect her…..

Many have acquired wealth..riches..money within 6 months of its use…..I personally owned this for three months now and now directed by my masters not to keep it and circulate this to the needy person….within this 3 months I became the owner of fabulous two bunglows....three flat apartments…two cars…. And now I cannot tell you how much more…but its sure this is fantastic…..I personally have used this and can tell you the experience it will  tap its great latent powers within for you….When this ring was handed over by masters to me…I was told that this was a sidhha ring by an Aghor vidya master…sidha means when a yogi attains siddhi of a special mantra and consecrate the mantra with any special object then the siddh prana is transferred to that object….This is special ring that is linked to that special diety yogini ….Swarnakantuka……

This yogini  knows each and everyone’s thought before one induce in mind…that is how clever she is….she brings in riches and wealth right from the day she realizes you are loyal and respectful to her…..I must tell you that she will also at some length of time expose her to you in physical form and may have sex with you…if you permit her…..I had her beautiful vision seen three times specially in the mid nights near my bed…she is extremely beautiful..once you see her you will forget ever that there is females in this world……her body is like milky white as she shines golden radiantly in moon light……Her navel is deep set……her neck is long…with black curly hairs….her eyes are pioneering…..i cannot disclose much or she may become angry…but I can only say that she is extremely beautiful…once you get intimated with her you will have illusions and visions of her often when you are alone….she will require only two things from you…that you have now along with you…this two things will be disclosed in our email two you…..You must only intend whose wealth you want and she will bring it guaranteed….

If your enemy has plenty of wealth and you ask her to bring his…then the next day you will find wealth pouring in to your house…if you want wealth from your loved ones the same held good ….yes this is extremely paranormal…use it with your mind...we are not responsible for the purchase you make…as we cannot predict what will it bring good or bad for you as this is rated paranormal and requires you to be an adult above +18 years older…..

This will only require you to pay her respect, loyal and love for her and in return she will obey you,bring in all sort of luxuries and wealth and become your partner the whole life…its that easy…

This will never require any sort of any rituals..or chanting of any mantras……..this will work the whole life time and can be passed down to your legal heirs….To my buyers ,please note that this yogini is special and she is invocated by the skilled shaman  who has attained siddhi of this special power and can channel her energy to many special items of your choice.so if you have any ring and want her to be bonded just send me the ring and we shall get her energy linked with it.


If you take a Aura photography of your body after you own this ring you will find that your aura has shoot very powerful..glowing radiance…...We are decade old paranormal seller worldwide.... All of our items are known to be high rated and extremely paranormal worldwide so purchase this only if you are sure that you are not afraid of it….By purchasing we understand that you know what a paranormal items is……The results may vary from person to person ...

We will ship worldwide through International air mail India post and will require 2-4 weeks for delivery to your location..


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