Orgone Car Pyramid Yantra with Positive Grid Terminals



This Product will provide you the best answers to the risk you are facing in your life while driving your vehicle leaving your family at stakes at the hands of fate….




Don’t leave your family insecured anymore….


Don’t play games with your life….


Don’t ever risk your life….Accidents have become a nightmare now…Everynight you fall asleep and get these awful dreadful dreams……


Every year worldwide incidents related to accidents are increasing…Day by day the figures are getting worse…What is the real reasons that accidents do Occur?


Have you ever thought whose mistakes really is when a accidents does occur..


Have you ever thought that while you are driving a car or any vehicle how much you may be good at driving you are JUST RISKING YOUR LIFE till your destination arrives….


One survey of drivers reported that they thought the key elements of good driving were:

  • controlling a car including a good awareness of the car's size and capabilities
  • reading and reacting to road conditions, weather, road signs and the environment
  • alertness, reading and anticipating the behaviour of other drivers.

Although proficiency in these skills is taught and tested as part of the driving exam, a 'good' driver can still be at a high risk of crashing because:

...the feeling of being confident in more and more challenging situations is experienced as evidence of driving ability, and that 'proven' ability reinforces the feelings of confidence. Confidence feeds itself and grows unchecked until something happens – a near-miss or an accident.

While a year ago when I was on a long car drive….I was followed by another Blue Car in whch a father and a girl aged about 18 years accompanied him may be her daughter…sometime I was driving infront of them and sometimes they were.There was a mild race type between us…This covered for around 15kms when all of a sudden they sped up fast and left me far behind…..I drove slowly then only to find at some distance a huge mob surrounded on the road and there was a traffic jam.Yes…Your guess is right… They met a accident with a truck speeding from the opposite side…The ride side of the blue car was like paper bits smashed completel…The father died on the spot due to massive collision and his head was smashed …The daughter was on the other side of the road gasping for water and all the muscles of her body was swinging like threads…how awful you cannot be imagine….This rocked  up my entire spirit to find some research with orgone masters to  explore some ancient science of pyramids to innovative ways that could help protect one from freaky accidents in anybody’s life and save them from the grip of the dreadful unseen….

When we turn to the LAW OF ATTRACTION we find that “Like Vibrations attracts to ones life” so when we research the LAO We find that Accidents occur only when we attract such bad vibrations towards us through our daily thoughts.We change our perception daily through the surroundings we are in and are influenced with Television news worldwide and our life pattern thinking. Our daily insecurities about our life sometime tap in to these bad negative though patterns that influences the vibrations and inturn attracts them towards us unexpectedly…

What are Bad vibrations actually is?

Bad vibrations is nothing but all lower kind of energies that are detrimental to growth of our life and is full of doubts,insecurities,and is unsafe.These are actual EMF that automatically resonates with our Vibrational energentic bodies and brings our insecurities into existances..

Orgone masters developed these Powerful Positive grid Car pyramids that resonates with the vibrations in the surroundings and balances the EMF converting the bad Energetic vibrations in the positive ones…..

This Pyramids contains Four Positivegrids in all the four sides and at the base there is nine Positive grids that is dopped with germanium.This makes it generate the Negative ions neutralizing the bad EMF…

If you are angry and unhappy and is seated next to this will at once feel the bad vibrations is writhing away and you will feel instant peace,happy and wellbeing.Yes this makes the immediate vibrations attune to the higher positive vibrations of the universe…This will help shoot the aura of your car and stop the bad vibrations to follow you in the car or any vehicle you drive…..

Very powerful Extreme Neutron Car Pyramid that alters your immediate Dead Orgone EMF Vibrations to Positive EMF

Stop avoiding accidents and secure your life that is precious for you and your family just at penny’s-buy now…

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