Real Authentic Occult Paranormal Good  Luck Sidhha Activated Hatha Jodi






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Hatha Jodi or Hatha Jori or Lucky Jodi is a wonder of nature, in which two hands are joined together like when we are in prayer. This is actually root of a very rare plant in the shape of folded hands. This should be kept in vermillion powder or 'sindoor'.

Hatha Jodi showers the worshipper with wealth and good luck, guards against accidents and bad influences of any tantric effect.

Hatha Jodi also increases the attraction power of a person, since it has the powers of  Vashikaran.It is very useful in winning favors or winning trials etc.

The use of these objects like Hatha Jodi as good luck charms began in the early ages of human civilization, when people started to treasure simple, everyday objects and assumed that they would help them against the evill eye.

Rare lucky charms Hatha jodi are used most when a person is afraid of facing uncertainty or dangers in their Life path. Hatha Jori - is the root of a rare kind of herb found in Madhaya Pradesh (India) in Amar Kantek hills and in the Lumibani valley of Nepal, there are thick forests. In these jungles one can find this rare root/ plant.

Hatha Jodi absorbs about one litre Til(Mustard) oil in a month whereas its weight remains the same, when it stops to absorb oil, it is taken out and energised/abhimantrit by a special puja vidhi.

Hatha Jodi provides a host of effects, including the ability to hypnotize, shield and improve the financial situation for those who possess it. Its most powerful effect is its shielding effect, as it is said to have protected those who hold it on journeys, in discussions, interviews, and battles by providing the ability to triumph and overcome fear.

Hatha Jodi is also considered a rare lucky charm that provides the holder with luck, wisdom, wealth and attractiveness. When the holder is faced with situations in which they are betting, in a trial or need to win favorably, having this root in their possession will encourage their luck and ability to triumph over the other opponent.

It is particularly beneficial for business, as it can help to increase clients, business status and the attraction power of a person. It does this because it contains the powers of "Vashikaran," which is identified in the Indian culture as attraction power.Please be aware that we have only two Hatha Jodi with us now and the second one is not shown in the photo above.Once this is sold out we cannot again say when this will be again with us.We got this in our possession after Five long years.Those available in the nets are not the ones that are real and sold cheap.Recognize this real metaphysical website to get the right thing now in your spiritual Sacred tantraa collection.When you receive this at your shipping address intimate us through email and we shall send you the activation instructions along with the Original activation mantra with proper pronounciation in audio version format recorded direct through the Tantra masters voice so that you know what is the essence of the mantra shakti when you hear it straight from the masters voice that creates the tremendous vibes with its first 108 chantings and you will not find it anywhere excepts the masters who knows how to make it working for you in the astral world of spiritual vibrations.Thanks

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