Satan Goat Baphomet Charm Devil Amulet Bronze Pendant

Feel the Invisible Forces Gauranted or Money back

Satan Goat Baphomet Charm Devil Amulet Bronze Pendant


       Satan Goat Baphomet Charm Devil Amulet Bronze Pendant



Satan Goat Baphomet Charm Devil Amulet Bronze Pendant


Buy Authentic Original Charms

This listing is only for the Pendant that can be used with any cord you like or with any chains


This Charm is activated and energized by Siddha masters

This will protect you from Evil eyes and bad peoples.

This charm will send all evil and bad spirits away from your house laundering that may be cuasing troubles in your life.

If Anybody is Ditching you or playing with your life, then this charm Pendant will bring the events that will Surface before you and your eyes and reveal honesty in them

If you are suspicous about your lover then this will show you the reality within the first use of this charm-its that powerful-No need to go for any Expensive lie detection machines or detectives any more

This Charm pendant is actually representation and sigil of Satan Baphomet

This Charm represents the Balance evil and the good.

Any person who uses this charm will get rewarded by the Satan and he will never spare any Bad person or Bad events or surroundings that is detrimental to the possesor of this charm

Any person who uses this satan charm yantra will get the satan blessings and his whole family including him will be always protected by invisible forces of the dark.

Please be aware that although this charm is a representation of the black forces of this universe,The Siddha masters who are competent Tantrikas in holding the knowledge to convert the evil and use their forces positively for mankind.

This is first time in Web  that we have brought the Life breathed Baphomet Satan Sigil in existance with the help of the siddha masters.

This are real authentic Charms available through us.This is not similar to the found commercially sold items in ebay or net.

We have been selling authentic original Yantras and charms over years with utter satifactions of ebay buyers.

We offer Challange to anybody who will see drastic life changing events after they use these charms and amulets.

Most of our buyers have been feeling high energy and warmth similar to as if someone is breathing through the amulet charms.

Within the first use of these charms users will see and feel that some invisible forces are protecting them and their house.

They will have the feeling of existance of some Strong forces guarding their home 24 hours.

The will mostly see and feel at heart how miracles are entering their life and how they escapes from bad situations of life challenges.

Some have seen the invisible forces as mist around their house, sometime they are seen in the dreams,some have heard footsteps at their door.These are real and as they are protecting their house these events are usual and mostly felt at mid nights.

You must know your buy.These charms contains higher frequencies mantras so eventallu these are paranormal items.

This charm pendant is activated by the  Chandalini Mantras-These mantra are high vibratory mantras in higher frequencies and contains special invokation syllable that ordains orders to the Spirit world and initiates the commands by the Siddha masters to serve for the purpose of humans in this world for the benefits that ultimately blesses the spirits to attain finally the moksha and integrate with the white light God.

The Pendant Contains a Goat head and is a symbol of inverted Pentagram

Some buyers have reported that the energies are so high in our charms that they find difficult to sleep in the first night after they wear the charms,but this is usual as our body energy gets some time in getting compatible with the high Auric field of these Charms and amulets.

These Authentic charms are symbol and ways of the Positive use of the negative dark forces and help them in attaining the moksha.



Beautiful & Elegant Design

High Quality

High Quality Excellent Antique Finish


Weight-Approx.12.8 Grams

Height-2 Inches

Width-Approx.1.4 Inches


Metal-Pure Bronze















 To purchase this you must be 18 years old and you are responsible for your buys and that all paranormal items are sold as entertainment purpose only




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