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Orgone is the universal Life force, the basic building block of all organic and inorganic matter on the material planet. Coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, Orgone has been called by the Great mystics and philosophers; Chi, Prana or simply the Force. Dr. Reich, an Austrian scientist, philosopher and psychoanalyst; developed a technology to tap into the Cosmic Orgone Sea to provide a continuous stream of Life-force energy.


The Possiblity of using a Orgone Device is unlimited and can be used up to your imagination.This is reported to Heal many Physical conditions and provide mental clarity and balance.

It balances your mind,body and Soul.It is said to integrate your Mind and Body.If you are disturbed and always recurring thoughts that keeps you awaked throughout night.That in turns makes your body lethargy,uneasy and restless,this Super Orgone Pendant can help you.


This will help to protect you from  deadly Orgone DOR around you that may be generated  for many reasons.It also Protect you from Electromagnetic radiations.


This Super Orgone Pendant is Hand crafted,Sanded and contains 24k Gold Flakes,Silver,Copper,Titanium metal Powder and Bionic Sand.This Contains Steel Coils,Copper coils,Small Quartz Crystals,Aventurite,This is also contains Lucky Symbol of Lord Ganesha, that harness Love,Happiness, Luck,Power and Prosperity to you.This will bless you with Fortunes,Wealth and abundance.The Symbol is made with 3 metals,Gold,Sterling Silver,Pure Titanium.These are hand made so may contains slight imperfections,bubbles or like but you will get what you see and listed. This Contains a Special Sbb Coil ,this is seen to radiate the energy more than usual Sbb coil.




This Pendant Contains One Sbb Coil at the back


Super Orgone pendant is Unique and has been pre treated with miracle frequency 432Hz

The Divine Vibration-432 Hz

The shamanic Rituals use of a specific series of drums, trumpets and harps in Sumeria, had them all tuned at 432 hz, and related harmonics of 72 and its decimal 720.
These instruments were utilised for pre-Arabic ethnobotanical plant and metal alchemy, which harvested the elixir of divination and divinity.
The "god-kings" utilised these within their sacred circle firestone dance.
In the midst of these symphonic circles, they placed a phoenix (sky fire bird) fire stone, which was called the Sham.Mu.

Dolphins can hear our thoughts, because their sonic senses extend into the infrasonic and ultrasonic ranges. So our alpha brain waves, like 8 hz, are music to them.

There are many other great wonders that 432 hz phases into.

At Borobudur there is a Pyramid of Mt. Meru.
Meru is the world and universal mountain created by the Vedic original Germinating god, Manu, as he descended into this universe and planet. Bringing with him S-AUM-A (the plant from which the elixir of immortality is made) and Banana's.
Meru is considered to be the Sonic mandala of creation: the Shri Yantra, likened to a sonic holographic plate that upholds this universe, like a Diamond.
Instigated by the living Word AUM.
An interesting Vedic creation "myth", but can a sound made from a series of syllables make a mandalic, or holographic pattern? Dr. Lawrence Blair demonstrated on a tonographer (a sensitised sound plate which vibrates sand to show the wave form pattern of the sound) that the sound AUM, when sung correctly by a Tibetan monk,
indeed does make this pattern of the Shri Yantra in the resonated sand.
Which itself is astounding and reveals an ancient musical science.
The Borobudur Meru Pyramid naturally thus would have 72 stupa's, and there are, of course, 432 Buddha statues at this site.
In this coming Age, when musical instruments are tuned at 432 cycles per second, no matter how hard the music might be, it will be harmonics that are produced.
It will be healthy for the body, tuning the body, vibrating in fractal harmonics with the DNA helix sound matrix of life itself.

You can hang this pendant to any cord you like.This may contains small slight eruptions inclusions as this is hand made.However the efficacy of this pendant is very powerful and measured by chi energy machine.This will provide you with well being,peace and happiness.  No two pendant will be same and the above pendant shown in the photograph is used as reference only.


International shipping will take 2-4 weeks to deliver to your location through India post,thanks




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