About Dr D.Roy



Jyotish shastra samrat,Vastu shastra Samrat and Tantra shastra Samrat Dr.D.Roy is well known Vedic Indian Astrologer,Certified Hypnotist,Tantra Master and Spiritual Siddha Kundalini Master. He has been world fame and has been respected with Different titles and surnames from various institutions in India and abroad.He has been triple Gold medalist winner for his various researched articles and dedication for his contribution in this field with outstanding accurate forecast and astrological predictions.He has been awarded with Dr.B.C.Roy and N.C.Lahiri awards.He has been advocating Indian Vedic astrology and its allied branches like vastu,numerology more than 20 years . His Stunning astrology predictions are based on accurate calculations with proper excavation and thorough exploration of ancient Vedic rules laid down by gurus of traditional Indian astrology. His clients are based worldwide.You can come up with any problem and question as your horoscope reading and prediction, horoscope matching for marriage, psychic reading, live-in relationship, dating and behavior, emotional problems, sleeping problems, planning for children, kaal sarpa yoga problem, mangal dosha, education or business reading and predictions,Rahu-ketu,Vansh dosha,pitru doshas related query, vastu remedies for home, office and shop. He will give you best answers of all your queries with astrological spiritual remedies like Pujas and homam, powerful Vedic mantra and astrological gemstone.He is also a traditional siddha follower and is a siddha master.He is capable to activate kundalini chakras through shaktipat or spiritual chakra energy transfer to 100 students at a single time.He transfers shaktipat through tartaka or direct gazing or passes to his students.Recently he has been involved in bringing the old hoodoism practise in use for solving diiferent problems in one's life.