Orgone Energy Pyramids

Orgone Pyramids,Powerful Energy Tools created by Orgone masters

Orgone Energy can be described as a life force which permeates all living entities. Orgone is the name for which Wilhelm Reich labelled the "substratum from which all nature is created".

Wilhelm Reich was an Austrian-American psychiatrist as well as a psychoanalyst. In the 1920s, he did extensive research into the nature of this invisible omnipotent life force. He found that he was able to attract Orgone energy through combining organic hydrocarbons and inorganic substances in alternating layers. Various materials were tested including organic substances such as oils, resins, cottons, as well as inorganic substances such as metal filings and other minerals. Different layered combinations of these materials resulted in the  Orgone, or life energy force creating devices which are available today with us.We are specialised in creating these world class Orgone devices.Our manufacturing is based thorough on Secretive proprietory proportions of organic and inorganic subsatnces that results in powerful orgone devices.We have been selling on ebay from many years and now we are here to help these effective products are available to everyone who desires this in their home and convert the Deadly orgone present in theirs environment to positive vibartions with our orgone devices with + terminal poles at the the points of the pyramid.

                          Tested & Proven working 100% effective results within one month used worldwide buyers

Our Orgone Energy Products


 Orgone Pyramid Chi Accumulator Emf Huge 9"x9"

Orgone Copper Pyramid Hanging Large Pyramid

Orgone Pendant Super Emf Protection Tachyon Pendant

Orgone  Super Emf Protection Pendant

Orgone Octogonal Wish Yantra Pyramid

Orgone Pyramid Swastika Pyramid Emf Large

Orgone Geopathic Stress Copper Pyramid

Orgone  Tri Shakti POwer Pyramid  Chi Vastu Charm Fengshui Huge

Orgone Construction Copper Pyramid-9 Sets

Orgone Pyramid  Extreme Powerful Super Wealth Energy Meru Shree Yantra

Orgone Pyramid Agnihotra Vastu Pyramid High Energy

Orgone Titanium Brass Dowsing Pendulum-Free Four Charts

Orgone Energy  Water Energizing Pyramid

Orgone Pyramid Prosperity Wealth Progress Tower Pyramid

Orgone Pyramid Prosperity Energy Plate Beamer  

Orgone Relationship Harmonizer Soul mate Pyramid

Orgone Car Pyramid Yantra with Positive Grids

Orgone  Progress Yantra Pyramid Extreme Emf Balancer

18 KT Gold Plated Orgone Pyramid Power Ring AURA Strength Vitality EMF Protection Balancer

Orgone Black Lemurian Octogonal Black Kyanite Crystal Grid Pyramid

 Extreme Powerful Micro Orgone Pyramid Pendant

Nano Structured Black Lemurian Emf Balancer Protection Orgone Sheild pendant

Extreme Powerful Super Orgone Vortex Healer Pyramid Plate

Orgone Copper Pyramid Amplifier Grid Plate

Orgone Pendant Super Grid Vortex EMF Protection Tachyon Pendant

Neodymuim Magnetic Rings Alex Chui Pair

Scalar Energy Vortex Schumann Resonator Grid Pendant



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