Zen  Meditation  & Spiritual Yoga courses


The two main goals of our spiritual Goal are as follows...

To provide you with the very best tools, techniques and wisdom to help you reach your highest human potential.

To be the most comprehensive meditation and yoga student who can heal mind,Body Soul for themselve and others for free.  

 *Guided Techniques for Meditation:

Yoga Meditation Techniques, Zen Meditation Techniques, Chakra Balancing Meditations, Mantra Meditations, Tantra Yoga Meditations and many more powerful guided meditations from different branches of Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions and philosophies are taught to the students for their spiritual growth that also influences and ehances their mind-body connection at cellular level.

*Kundalini  Activation Techniques:

The techniques dwell upon the various Yoga poses and niyamas required and exercises for opening,balancing and healing of the chakra points of the Human body.

*Yoga Breathing Exercises(Pranayam) :

Online books, articles on breathing exercises (pranayama) to purify the system, Awaken Kundalini, promote Chakra healing, lose weight, develop your brain and get healthy.  For the online yoga videos check out our new releases..Coming soon

Students registering for Spiritual yoga and meditation Classes in person will be taught the above Techniques discussed above and will receive CERTIFICATION  for Participation of the classess conducted.  

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