Vastushastra can enhance your health, support your prosperity and bring you the harmony and fulfillment we all want in our lives. Making simple adjustments to your environment can bring about positive changes in your life: Enhance your relationships, create more abundance, feel an incredible sense of peace and well-being at home or at work. These are just a few of the results that some of our clients have expressed after implementing the suggestions we have advised. Your in-depth, personalized analyses – for a variety of home or workplace settings – can show you exactly what you need to do.
These analyses are made by VASTU EXPERT VASTU SHASTRA KING(SAMRAT)Dr.D.Roy are very detailed and comprehensive. You will be contacted by phone call / e-mail the next business day after we receive your order.You need to send us only the Plan of your house(You can roughly draw the home plan structure with/without furniture,bed.etc or design this with your architect) Once we compile all the information, we will send you a customized analysis explaining what simple changes you can make to achieve your desired results. Order now and receive the same personalized service at an incredible 
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Products are extra and are not included in the prices quoted for consultancy fees. These prices are for on-site analysis. To schedule an on-site analysis of your home or office, please call Vastu Samrat Dr.D.Roy for more information.


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