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Correspondence and Online Vastu Courses are designed for you.The Students who are keen to learn the Course must be atleast 18 years of age.
our Vastu Online Course system of learning creates harmonious and balanced homes and offices without demolition or remodeling. This system can be integrated easily into any living or workspace. In the very least, our corrected Vastu, will help you, your family and friends experience the powerful connection between man and nature through effective, time proven tools and practices that promote health, abundance, success, positive relationships, and happiness without costly remodeling.  
You can do it at home correspondence(distant learning).This is for those students who cannot travel long and want to learn at the leisure of their home.The student who are certified can become a certified Vastu Consultant.One can also get job/service in any vastu consultant center.This can also help you to run a successful vastu consultant business.You can also help yourself and others by correcting the vastu dosha free of charge.One can attain appreciation if you work is excellent in this field.  

Diploma in Vastu Shastra(D.V.S)-Duration:3 months,Qualification Required-Minimum Higher secondary School or Pre Vastu Experience Certification from any reputed Vastu Organisation in India or abroad,Subscription-Rs.5000/-For India and US $150 for abroad.
Application Form with your one photograph, education certificate & /or Vastu experience certificate are to be attached with the form in physical form.You will be given a certificate after completing this course.You can send the fees by d.d. or you can also deposit cash or cheque in your city's ICICIBANK,City-Kalyan,State-Maharashtra to Devashish Roy,A/c no.- 020301527377 
Correspondence Course(Available only for INDIA):Our institute will send you Books, Chart, Instrument & after completing the course, one test will be conducted. Question paper along with an answer sheet will be sent to you & you will have to deposit the answer sheet for getting your certificate.Buy now

Online Vastu Course(Only for students rom abroad): Students from abroad can do this course online. We will provide you the study material on your e-mail address & you can ask your doubts by e-mail.Course fees is USD $150(Includes Course online,test and certification)
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  • 1.Earth, Environment And life 
  • 2. Directions and Area 
  • 3. Sun and Magnetic Area
  • 4. Vastu (Nature)
  • 5. History of Vastushastra
  • 6. Treatise
  • 7. Relation between vastushastra and Religion
  • 8. Vastudev: place, introduction and specialities of vastupurush
  • 9. "Shastriya"& Classical aspects of vastuvigyan (Science): wBhavan  Jeernodhar" / Building Renovation  wSelection of plot  wDikvichar" (Where a person with particular zodiac must reside) wMethods of "Shalyagyan" and its results. wDecision of auspicious inauspicious * Thought of Expansive - inexpansive plot   w"Graharambhkal Vichar"  w Introduction of 16 type of house   according to the entrance. w Determination of forms of various rooms.
  • 10. Thought on interior decoration
  • 11. How should be an ideal building?

Master Diploma in Vaastu Shastra (M.D._Vaastu) : Qualification: Pre-requiste Diploma in Vastu(D.V.S) and/or University Degree.Course duration-4 months.
You can do it at home. Institute will send you Books, Chart, Instrument & after completing course, one test will be conducted. Question paper along with answer sheet will be sent to you & you have to deposit answer sheets for getting your certificate.Correspondence-Only for students in India,Internet-(only for students in abroad)You can do this course by internet. We will send you study Material on your e-mail adds & you ask your doubts by e-mail..Certificate will be issued on completion of the course.

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  • Shallyoddhar of plot.
  • Directions & Auspicious-inauspicious of building.* East facing building. * West facing building. * Ishan Facing Building * Aagneyfacing building. * North facing building * Nairety facing building. * South facing building * Vayavya facing building. 
  • Construction of Vaastu & Direction Sub-Direction defects. * East direction-defect * Eshan Direction-defect * West direction-defect * Agney direction defect. * North Direction Defect * Nairetya Direction defect* South direction-defect * Vayavya direction-defect.
  • Different types of Vedh.
  • Water Storage arrangements
  • Septic tank & others.
  • Gate & Rules of the gate
  • Windows
  • Stairs
  • Trees.
  • “Vithi Shul & Vinays”
  • Obstruction & External House.
  • Agitated Vaastu & its cure.
  • Common wall & Row-housing.
  • Apartments and Flats.
  • Panch-Vaastu.
  • Right aspect ever beneficial.
  • Commercial Vaastu.
  • Remedial Vaastu-dosh precautions:- *  Vaastu-dosh precautionary “Totakas”. * Vaastu-dosh precautionary Ancient Yantra * Ganpati experiments for precautionary Vaastu-dosh. * Pyra-Vaastu. * Feng-Shui.





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