Krishna Radha Statue Cold Cast Bronze 14.5" Inch Resin Large





Statue Measurement is 14.5"Inch Large Beautiful


Handcrafted Cold Cast Resin Bronze Color Finish

This is a Gorgeus Statue of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha.This can be hanged to the walls of your Home


This will add beauty and addition to your home decor


Krishna was known for being mischievous and playful.

Statue of Lord of lord Krishna, the most famous Hindu God, 8th incarnation of the Lord Vishnu deva, often depict as young cowherd.

Lord Krishna was a dynamic incarnation of Vishnu.

He was an Avatar, in the sense that He was totally attuned to the Supreme consciousness from His very

Lord Krishna is also shown with his pet cow, his childhood favorite.

This is Good for the meditation area, or  for any decor.

 Krishna & Radha  brings so much good energy.

Creates Love, Joy, & Extreme Happiness .

Lord Krishna is regarded as one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu.
 Krishna is a symbol of a statesman, a warrior, a great philosopher and a teacher.
Radha is her beloved.
This Statue is a symbol of love devotion and joy, usually portrayed playing a flute.

His speeches are contained in the Bhagvadgita - one of the most sacred books in Indian culture.


The Weight is around 1.2 Kg

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