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Energize your Home,Neutralize Bad Energies-Potent- Fast

                                   Orgone Therapy

According to the Egyptian master, 'PYRAMID' is divided into two parts- 'PYRA' and 'MID', the former means 'Fire' and the latter means 'Center'. The Pyramid increases electromagnetic energy and bio-cosmic energy along with other forms of energies. Than, these energies and the individual's self-energy cause inter-related effect, which results into a feeling of consciousness in the individual. The Pyramid corner are the symbols of peacefulness, seriousness, wisdom and truth. The uses of Pyramid bring on happiness and prosperity.


Pyras are one of the Seven Wonders of the World, especially the pyra of Egypt.  Thousand of centuries have passed when pyras were built. On hearing the name “pyra” we think of Egypt at once. The Egyptian pyra have been a mystery and center of attraction to all of them who have tried to research over them, but what we can conclude from all the experience and studies which has been a constant effort even today is that, pyra stand for power and energy.




This Agnihotra Vastu High Energy Pyramid contains plate at bottom for earth energy, power of three layer of pyramids, with 8 copper pyramid and one copper chamber.

Fire harmonization is fundamental requirement for Agnihotra Vastu High Energy Pyramid. It is must for Vastu experts before applying vastu correction method of any house, office and shop. This Agni Vastu High Energy Pyramid purifies the atmosphere and harmonizes the space.


As We all know that thecenter of any thing is the main core of the body of the element.

For Eg. We know that soul is the main core within one's body and without it, is useless so this principle is used to neutralize any bad energies/ bad harmful EMF of any house,or office.All problems actually multiplies when vastu of any house goes wrong.One mayfall sick often or may be facing a troubled relationship,maybe undergoing trial in court cases, may be facing frequent hardships and losses, one may have a troubled life with arguments and family disharmony...All this indicates that one is facing  vastu dosha or a bad fengshui...

So now this problem can be eradicated with this powerful Agni Vastu High Energy Pyramid.

The main study and research of this pyramid system is on strong foundation/principle that if the main core of any house is remedied with the Fire element then the Bad Energies/Evil Energies are neutralized at an expedited speed.

This had been proven with Different case studies by radionic masters that this special neutron Orgone Agni vastu high energy pyramid creates marvelous effects immediately with its use.



If you are really facing hardships,misunderstandings,divorce cases,litigation,sickness,Financial losses, then with the use of this powerful pyramid you get out of the  harmful frequencies stored within your premises within one months use.

Many had created happiness,manifested love,Brought lot of wealth,abundance and prosperity within a use of 3 months.

Yes its so fast within the use of first week you see changes that is instantaneous...

We do not say just try this for yourself...

This contains 8 Copper and 1 Copper chamber from where orgone is released with the fire energy.

This is easy to use, we shall email you instructions on how to use this system for immediate resuts, just let us know when you receive this and we shall send you the instructional email to your registered email address   


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