Orgone Pendant Super EMF Protection Tachyon Pendant

World Powerful Intention Activator

Price :$59.99 USD

Accumulates Powerful Orgone Energy within minutes

Scalarized Waves emits from this Pendant

This Super  Orgone Pendant doubles your Power of Intent and manifest your desires into realities...You must wear this orcarry on your body and  just visualize your desires with your intent.

This SUPER ORGONE  PENDANT is like reading your mind & heart  to manifest your desire

As soon as you wear this within minutes you will feel the surge of your intentions that is deliberate on your own without any efforts on your part.

Within some hours you will see real desires manifesting out of thin Air..Yes its very very Powerful high programmed energy Emmiting in the center of this Pendant  


Benefits of Orgone Super Healing Pendant

1.Removes Anxiety,Stress within minutes of wearing

2.Removes fatigue & tiredness

3.Improves blood circulation,sleeplessness

4.Improves concentration,memory

4.Stops aging,Revives youthfullness

5.Works on cellular level,Dna Repair

6.Increases metabolic System

7.Protects from harmful Electromagnetic radiations & energy

8.Shoots AURIC FIELD 100 times more powerful than what it is presently.

9.Heals Mind,Body & Soul

10.Clears Energy Blockages from Your Aura & Psychic Energy Chakras.

11.Stops & Neutralizes theDeadly Orgone present around you within your home premises

12.Protects from all types of powerful witchcraft and Bad harmful frequencies like unsatisfied Spirits & freaky accidental energies in highways.

13.Awakens and connects you to the higher light body energy field

14.Stimulates the higher Chakras & Psychic energy within you.

15.Intiates Psychic awareness & Lucid dreaming

16.InducesAstral Projection & light body ascension

17.Removes Evil energy & peoples around you.

18.Enhances ability to manifest from third dimensions

There are many other benefits that may interest you google the for the orgone energy.

Tested with modern equipments to measure its power

Well balanced Scalar life energy vortex shoots from the center of this pendant.

This Orgone Pendant comprises various Mystical synergestic Technologies that stands behind its unparalled power that shoots from within.

This is XL Size approx 1.0 Inch Height in Size

This XL Size Pendant doubles the power it accumulates and pumps the Orgone Energy vortex within 10 minutes of its wear

This is not commercial available Orgone pendants that is sold on net.Our Pendant is Preprogrammed with Miracle Solffegio frequencies
528 Hz which is the Ultimate cause to heal your mind and balance your physical body within an hour of its wear...Yes its that powerful

You will instantly feel the Activated Programmed energy that is warm and creates tingling vibrations in your entire body along with the spine...

You will instantly feel the peace and happiness soaring within you & your heart..You will findthat immense love is flowing to you naturally wearing this potent charm in an hour...

You will soon realize that the Orgone energy vortex shooting from thecenter of this pendant  is harmonising your environment and your feelings.

You will realize that your negative feelings are getting away from you without any of your focussed efforts.

You will find that some blessings are already flowing into your life that is making your life fill with immense joy,love,happiness within you and your surroundings...

People who had been unfaithful to you changes with this real charm for your good & benefit.

Please be aware that this is not another commercial pendant that is made of resin or stones that is available now daysby many by visiting youtube or such sites at their home..This is based on extreme Orgone technologies that will give you results in time of your using it...

Please dont buy any other Chi pendants just by their names sold on net...

We are Selling Real Authentic Original EMF CHI Pendant  and has been in position of satisying our buyers worldwide

International shipping will take 2-4 weeks for delivery to your location

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