Sterling Silver Elephant Charm Statue Energized by Siddha






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This listing is for an Sterling silver Elephant Statue which is activated and energized by Siddha master of himalayan tantric cult.

This elephant is reproduced by Ancient lost wax process and then purified,activated and energized by tantric mantras of high order from the khamakya devi and laxmi devi-The two lords are known for giver of wealth,health,happiness,love,luck,and peace.

Approx.Dimension-2 inch x 1 Inch

Approx.Weight-30-35 grams

Beautiful Silver metal designed

The Trunk of the elephant may be up or down as directed by the siddha masters for specific problems in the life

These mantras belong to high class vibratory syllable and brought into life by the kundalini master who have already attained bliss.

The master knows your hardships and troubles and has blessed this with the cure and medicine of your problem so dont waste time any more and buy it now...

You will be astonished as soon as this small item enters your life all your problems sway away from your house and environment.

Many users of this charm has seen this elephant in their dreams with the goddess of wealth entering their house.


Many has unusual trumphing voice of the elephant heard around their home

Many had seen smoky visions around this charm when kept in ther house.

What you will experience only god knows but ts true that this elephant charm had come to life as you will experience the unnatural


Already Elephant is known as the harbringer of good luck and fortune.

In lal kitab-The red book of astrology has many remedies connected with keeping an elephant charm always close to one's body.

This charm is unique and created by the direction of the siddha master, We have been asked by the master to make an 10 piece and the master already knows the owner of all the single piece and to whch country this will go.

All single elephant charm has special weight similar created to the weight of the person residing in the family for whom the problem is existing.This single charm will go to the house of the winning bidder,

This Elephant statue charm will bring you all the postive energy that you require presently for your life and environment, so buy now before it exhausts.

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Please keep this Elephant charm in Square red cloth always. 


International shipping will take 2-4 weeks for delivery through India post.



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