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The buyer is responsible for customs and escrow fees. We are unable to mark gift on customs forms due to it being a felony to do that.

We must ship to what PayPal refers to as your "confirmed address". This is because what is termed "friendly fraud" is so bad on the internet that 80 cents out of each dollar that buyers pay to sellers online, the seller has to use that to pay for the losses from "friendly fraud". And PayPal offers a slight amount of protection against it when sellers only ship to the "confirmed address".
We offer 100 % Money back guarantee for products other than listed as paranormal/spiritual/occult/haunted products  that we sell here.If for any reason you are not satisfied with the product except that products which is not paranormal,haunted,intangible,occult and spiritual or the products which cannot proof or pass any scientific facts or that is hard to beleive in the world of science and/or which items contain supernatural energies that cannot be actually proved through sciece or can be felt but unseen and invisible cannot be claimed for any refunds,just send those item as referred in this paragraph back to us and we will refund you back for the item you made payment.The buyer must intimate us within three days of receipt of the item at their address and must send it back to us.The items must be sent back as it is sent by us without any tampering/fabricated or damaged in any physical form/state.The buyer must return the item at his own cost.All the items that are refund attracts 25% restocking charges and less shipping and paypal final values charges.By purchase any of the items you agree to our terms and conditions.Any legal disputes are subjected to court juridictions in sellers city within India.We make no claim on any of our products that it may or may not work and the experiences whether good or bad,presence or absence of any activity is sole experience and feelings of the buyer and we dont and cannot produce any authentic governmental or any such institues endorsement.We dont offer refund on online certification courses or materials sent by us.We ake no claims or endorse on any items we sell nor does we want anyone to change their beleif systems on any paranormal or spiritual items that are listed.The items that are bought by buyers must be 18 years older and is sole responsible for their buy.We do not certify or take any responsiblity that items we sell within our website store will deliver  any occult/paranormal/spiritual results or any results that are described.The results or testimonials that are provided are only solely based on individuals with their self assested feelings are experience and every experience may differ from persons to persons with presence/absence of any activity described in the listings.

Return and refund policy: If your item is lost in shipping, arrives broken, or breaks within 30 days of receipt we will either replace or refund at our own discretion. We may require a digital photo emailed to us to show it is broken. If it's broken, you shouldn't mail it back since it's a waste of money and it's also not risk the worth of it being lost in the mail. If you received the wrong item in the mail, then we will work to resolve this. For other issues, science cannot prove the existence of spirits, the soul, ghosts, etc. and is against state and federal law to issue a guarantee of something for paranormal purposes and laws requires that paranormal products and services are for entertainment purposes, you must be at least age 18 to purchase, and you agree not to hold any staff of www.drdroy.com or the proprietor liable for any existance/absence of  the item's supernatural activity/inactivity.Only if you agree our terms and conditions you may surf this website or make any purchases.


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