Scalar Energy Vortex Schumann Resonator Grid Pendant


This is Powerful science of creating balance and harmony by Multi cored level corrections, with the help of pre-programmed Scalar Energy Resonator grid pendant. It is based on the essential principles of subtle anatomy and the laws of the universe. 

Powerful Energy generator that requires no attention after its once programmmed by our sophisticated Radionic machines.

This special Small Pendant emits Scalar Energy waves within the grid of the Vortex and pre-programmed and attuned with Special Solfeggio frequency of 524 Hz annd 432 Hz.

This is a new, dynamic and result-oriented system designed by the Orgone masters is not just the usage of Scalar orgone Pendants. This is a totally new concept created for the first time in the world. It is a precise interactive permutation and combination of the vital force within and around us known as the "Prana".

Power packed and finely integrated with Frequency that is vety sacred spiritual and united to invoke the Will,Mental strength and Courage at one go.

The Scalar Energy Vortex Scumann Resonance Grid Pendant is a powerful life energy Pendant blessing designed to help:

* Induce deep sense of peace and calmness
* Manifest fast, manifest with ease
* Promote peace and stability
* Bring peace and clam to relationships
* Alleviate fears and anxiety
* Align subtle bodies
* Facilitate meditation
* Eliminate negativity, generate a positive attitude, optimism, self esteem, confidence
* Uplift the spirit
* Control temperament
* Bring serenity and patience
* Release physical and emotional tension
* Remove blockages from nervous system
* Balance yin and yang

This pendant Vibrates with its powerful resonance with the frequency of peace. The high quality expensive transitional elements selected for this pendant will help open you up to relaxation and peace, overcoming negative thoughts and attitudes.The high frequencies infused in this pendant help dissolve emotional blocks at cellular level, non beneficial frequencies, memories and suggestions, readjusting them, facilitating peace and serenity.The blessed Pendant is strongly charged, keeping peace and harmony frequencies active. 

The super white scalar energy light brings all the negative energy of the Bio plasmic body impregnated and neutralize it instantly and converts it  into pure positive energy for well being and integrity of our mind body and health.

With the use of this specially created Scalar energy Generator one will find to focus one's mind, will into the desire one wills at heart.

One will be able to create mental pictures that can be focused to bring in to physical world in reality.

One will find to become more peaceful happy and thoughtful.With prolonged use of this Schumann Resonator pendant One will find oneself satisfied and thereby create a strong will that could have been acheived by sadhus with long meditations only. 

We have integrated this small pendant with Aghor Kali tantra mantras upto 500000 bovis scale.This will safe guard the wearer from all sorts of Bad Emf, black magicks,witchcraft, radionic spells,Ultrasonic distant hypnotizer.This will create a Energy Field Aura aroung the possesor that will reverse the bad detrimental negative forces and ground the spatial energy.

The Pendant is created with expensive high transitional metals and dopped with germanium to create a stable energy octave and optimised to create Negative ions to ground the Bad dagerous Positive free ions around us.

Schumann frequency is used to stablise the pendant as alll of us whether living or non living is connected withe one another with this special frequency and hence can exert positive vibrations around easily.

Scalar Energy Vortex Schumann Resonator pendant works at the core of all things and beings in existence and hence helps in creating balance and harmony at the core of all our problems. It is a very versatile Energy geneartor, which can aid where the materialistic sciences cannot offer much help. 

By closely investigating the motion of Scalar Frequency and Schuman Frequency together which produces a different form of Vortex frequency which interacts with the body, by producing not only energy and welbeing, but an unusual sense of happiness within. The scientific term for the scalar Energy pendant is quantum science. Which produces quantum energy, scientifically this wave produces negative ions, which, enables charge of positive energy to penetrate the body once it interacts on a skin level. The scalar pendant does not require belief in order to work. It is a natural energy pendant which produces vibration continously for 24 hours for 365 days.

This is a very high frequency [vibration] pendant, made with selected transitional metals, to help access the next dimension [quantum] With raising our vibrational frequency rate the emotional centre of the body that deals with love, compassion and empathy are balanced.

This small Energy pendant Generates a more focused energy towards luck, good fortune and wishes to open luck which has many doors"

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Disclaimer- Law requires us to states that the device is not meant as alterantive to medicine or evade any physical condtions.We make no claims.The device above mentioned must be used for educational purpose only and cannot be used to treat any disease.