Vastu Spirit Entity Energy Entrapped Release Healings

A full service Tantra and shamanic Spirit Invocation and healing session, up to 10 days every month for 90 minutes each session for 5 months, for people and/or animals or Home.This will work on different levels of Body and soul healing, deep clearings, soul retrieval in home, power animal retrieval in vastu/ home/office/car. This will also Relieve suffering pain from abuse, trauma or injury. 

Restore your power, heal your Home and soul. Good Spirit invocation is the original medicine.  Write me an email explaining what your request is for. Tantra Masters are very flexible and can accommodate you. Masters focus on you, your animal, or both. These sessions may vary in time, according to what and how the spirits do and say, and how much conversation we have. But they are typically an hour, and can go as long as 90 minutes, especially for personal session. 

The powerful Good spirit will transcend to the place of your living to heal your house and environment or  can also work on both of you in the same session. Often we share an issue with an animal – since we live in the same energetic field. Tantra Masters and shaman mastters would often find it helpful to bring both of you into their  sacred circle, and have the spirits agressively drive the bad restless spirits in your environment in address of the issue from many dimensions.

Extraction is the removal of misplaced energy called "intrusions". This is energy that does not belong in the body or home and may cause disease or any other stress in the immediate environment. Intrusions can be manifested as physical pain, anger, fatigue, emotional stress and various localized illnesses. Intrusions might be spiritual blockages or negative energy that was taken on by the place in time or the person in charge. These blockages often are caused by thought forms and clogged emotions that have grown into living energetic beings that can be removed through Compassionate Depossession work. We may have created intrusions or possessions for ourselves or picked them up from our environment. Lingering suffering beings might have attached themselves to a person or home(place) and many are not aware that they have died. The host will feel overshadowed, unfocused, and riddled by diseases and addictions. As a Tantra and Shamanic master will call upon specialized acquired spirits to locate these energies and report the diagnosis. With the client's permission, these intrusions or possessions will be extracted by removing and transforming these harmful energies and by returning them safely to where they belong. These intrusions will be replaced with renewed energy or soul essence.  

Full Healing Sessions last typically 60-90 minutes.

At the beginning of every session The Tantra Master and the shaman would call in the Compassionate Spirits who are important to this work, and who are connected to the client. Then the masters bring the Home/office of the client(s) into a scared circle in non-ordinary reality, where they are greeted by Grand Tantra Siddha master Shandaliyanath .who makes the Home enviroment comfortable, and  begin the session focused on the intentions that have been set together. 

Paying: You can pay for this service through this page using the paypal subscription button.

Disclaimer- Any purchase will require to be your age more than 18 years old.This is only for research or ,must be used for entertainment purposely only.By Purchasing this item you agree that you are responsible for such paranormal effects that may or may not be present and that as such cannot be proved by methods involved in modern science.

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