Extremely Rare Occult Horn Siyar Singhi Tantra Hoodoo Voodoo Lotto


 We bring to you the most extremely rare  Occult item that has Powerful Meta-physical Magikaal Vibrational Powers within and holds the uppermost importance as described in Tantra Shastras..
If "Siyar Singhi" is kept in the house, it is said to ward off evil-eyes & blemish.

It  bestow good luck and wealth.With the help of this siyar singhi one could win jack pots or lottery.

It help overcome enemies, and achieve success in law suits.

It is always kept in vermillion (Sindoor) in a silver box in the pooja room. Its hair grows automatically."Siyar"  does not have horns. But a small bunch of hair with horn emerges from its forehead when it hoots facing downwards. This is called "Siyar Singhi" or siyar horn.Out of ten of thousand one siyar have this and this is collected only on wanning moon on a particular nakshatra and time when this horn gains extreme magikal powers within and is only known to the tantra masters.Buy this now before it gets to others..

When one keeps a Siyar Singhi in the house, one is showered with wealth, one remains fearless of beasts,  and it provides protection from enemies,all round evils  and gives success in law suits

It also helps by removing Vodoos and hoodoos and Similar witch works.This Tantric Items are activated and energised by the tantra shaman,to have the desired effect.

The Tantra Use of the singhi will be emailed to you as this is customized for you by the tantra master shaman and when you receive it in your shiping address jusy let us know and we will email you all the instructions contained.This is also to protect the bad use of this rare item.
One such tantra example is as follows-

You must put the siyar singhi put in your hand and say "i own you... my name is so and so... you have to obey me and then put this in silver box along with 3 cloves and 2 cardamons and red oxide (sindoor) keep it in your custody.When ever you need to have or obey or agree some one with you, keep this along you at that time in your pocket.Photos nay sometime differ as with availablitiy at the time of shipping.There are many more such as how you could use this item to cause extreme pain and even death to your enemies.

There are many others for how to use its RAW Powerful Meta-physical Energies of this rare occult item on your daily life problems and it will fascinate you. Buyer is responsible  for any country custom Import charges or any other custom requirements and must release the item.International shipping will take 2-4 weeks for delivery.The above Photo is for reference and may differ in shape and size as with availability at the time of shipping.

You must be 18 years older to make this purchase.International shipping will take 2-4 weeks of time for delivery to your location.