Orgone Copper Pyramid Amplifier Grid Plate



After 25 Long years of Orgone research by Orgone Experts....Vastu energy plates are very similar to Egypt pyramids and vastu yantra. Just like the yantra and the pyramid, the energy plates also help in the creation of positive vibrations all around you.
The Vastu energy plate is used for the correction of defects and defaults that are found in most houses and buildings. Vastu science is basically related to the construction and architectural aspect. There are various vastu principles related to different aspects of human life that can help you in numerous ways. The four directions, namely south, north, east and west are considered to be very important while formulating the vastu principles.

You will see that there are various vastu defects and defaults in your home as well as the surrounding area. The vastu plates are a great way that would help in removing the imbalances that arise in your home due to the defects. These devices would surely shower your home with positive inflow of energy. 

Vastu plates are also known as the energy plates and they are available to you in Copper Metal. They are known all around the world for their super natural power that you can get with the installation of these plates in your home and office. You will see that the vastu plates are just like the sacred amulet or talismans that are made with precious elements like copper, gold and silver. They are used as precious elements and are kept inside your home at times.

This plate is very powerful when it comes to removing negative energy from your surrounding area. These plates are basically installed in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, study room, pooja room and kitchen. The plates should never be installed in your toilet and bathroom area.

Copper Pyramid Energy Plate is a unique Combination of 81 Pyramids.Installation Of this Pyramid Plate is very Easy.It can be fixed inside the flooring or at the ceiling of the premises or office.

The Shape of this Copper Pyramid Energy Plate is an amplified receiver of various kind of energy fields surrounding our planet i.e Cosmic rays,electromagnetic waves,gravitational waves,etc.Pyramid creates a spherical field of positive harmonic vibrations around itself.Everything within that field begins moving towards harmony. 

Copper Pyramid Energy Plates are highly recommended to enhance the energy of of your home or officve premises.81 Zones created by the pyarmid are actual replica of 81 Pada's of Vastu Grid.It gives tremendous results within first 48 hours f its use.Copper Id alawys better conductor of the spiritual Beleif's System.It has natural ability to conduct spiritual energy back and forth from the individual's environment and the universe.Copper ha the Power to amplify thoughts in receiving and sending spiritual communication.
Many yantras are carved on copper plates acn stimulate the flow of energy and hence an move Physical and mental energies.These Coper Pyramids attributes the power of communication,channeling,cleansing and purification of the aura.You need to only install ths direct on the walls of your home,entrance of your room/hall or place it on the top of the table of your office where you acutally need to increase positive energetic influx of energy.

Uses of Copper Energy Plate Grids
There are many uses for this Copper Energy  plates. Here are only a few suggestions. With continued personal use you'll discover countless others.
1. Place a Copper energy plate in your home for more energy and increased protection from enemies or other negative dark energy.
2. Place Energy plate in refrigerator (center shelf is best.) Food, with the exception of fresh meat and fish, will stay fresh longer.
3. Place beneath sick house plants, or water sick plants with water which has been placed on plate overnight.
4. Place Copper energy plate in dog or cat bed, or under food dish.
5. To energize crystals, place on Coper energy plate for 12 hours at the maximum.
6. Use the Copper plate on injured area of any living thing.
7. Travellers can carry a Energy plate to energize their drinking water and eliminate illness and stomach upsets.
8. Placing Copper Energy plates below the bed of a sic person is seen to heal headache pain, gout and arthritis pain,stomach disorders or other sickness of your body.
9. Placing Copper pyramid in your meditation room promotes deeper meditation.
10.You can burry the energy plates at the four corners of your home or property in the soil to stop all round evils and protect your home/office from tresspassing of darker voilent energies.
Please note that the Copper Pyramid plates may contain some slight visuals of Polish as this is done manually and not buffed so that the inherent positive tendency of the grid is not altered in any way due to higher temperature.

International shipping will take  about 2-4 weeks of time to deliver at your location